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Repossession Information - Repo Tips
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"Know Your Equipment"

Inspect your winch cable often, if you notice breaking strands or pinching - shorten your wire rope to a fresh point or replace the cable. Use hooks and clamps that are rated for your wire rope. Keep your cable clean and lubricated, if you do lake recovery or any water source really, pressure wash the winch cable and re-oil it.

Inspect your chains and hooks, make sure the pins that secure the hooks are not bent or falling out. Make sure the chain has no bent links, stretched links, or hammered links. Replace chain if you notice any defects. Know your equipment rating and know the load you are trying to winch, bring in extra equipment if needed. Overloading your tow truck shortens equipment life and may cause injury.

Repossession Information - Repo Tips

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A good repossessor needs to be many things. A tow truck operator is one of the many hats that the repossessor must wear. Here is a collection of information and repossession tips for the tow jockey in all of us.

Please e-mail us any other repossession or towing tips that you would like to see included in our towing tips section.

Repossession Information - Repo Tips
Logging the Repossession with the Police

Whenever you repossess a vehicle the police require that they be notified. Some police departments require that you bring your repossession paperwork into their station prior to repossessing the vehicle. Other police departments only require a phone call from the repossessor after the repossession has taken place.

Some police departments do not require you to log the repossession, if you have made contact with the debtor and he has voluntarilly surrendered the collateral to be repossessed. Since the debtor is aware that the collateral was repossessed he should not report the repossessed vehicle as stolen to the police.

Always check with the local police department before performing the repossession and ask them how they want you to handle logging the repossession with them. Calling them after the repossession may land you in a hot spot with the local cops.

Always make note on your repossession order:

Date of the repossession.
Time of the repossession.
Phone number to the police department.
Officer's name and badge number that the repossession was reported to.
License plate on the repossessed vehicle.

Repossession Information - Repo Tips
Towing Equipment Manufacturers & Sales

Here are some free links around the internet related to towing, and repossession equipment.

AATAC - Towing and recovery vehicle equipment manufacturer.

Chevron - Towing equipment manufacturer.

Danco Products - Towing and hauling equipment manufacturer.

Dynamic - Towing equipment manufacturer and distributor.

Hy-Tech - Recovery equipment manufacturer and sales.

Jerr-Dan - Tow Truck manufacturer and sales.

Kilar Manufacturing - Tow truck manufacturer, and towing equipment sales

Lift & Tow - Hidden wheel lift system manufacturer.

Miller Industries - World leader in towing and recovery equipment.

Pierce Sales - Towing equipment and much more.

Recovery Solutions - Towing and repossession equipment sales.

Trail Eze Trailers - Quality, Customized, Specialized trailers.

Triple K Industries - Ad on equipment manufacturer.

Tru-Hitch - Professional towing hitches.

Weld Built Wreckers - Tow truck manufacturer.

Repossion Directory

Repossession Information - Repo Tips
Towing Tip

"Voluntary Surrender"

Many repossession orders are sent as "voluntary surrenders" because the collector called the debtor and said they were sending the repo man to pick up the collateral.

Always ask questions. Where are the keys? What time is the debtor expecting us? has the personal property been removed from the vehicle? What phone number can we contact the debtor at?

Many times you will find that the collector called the debtor and told them that they were repossessing the car. The debtor then tells the collector "good Luck, come and get it!" This is not a voluntary surrender, as the banker would lead you to believe. Asking questions will always tell you what the case is.

Repossession Information - Repo Tips
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